Cirrus Solutinz took the concepts, styles, and obligations of corporate America and have inverted those traditions into a service marked for the small businessperson and solopreneur.


We have the Social Media understanding coupled with Brand Analysis and knowledge of IT to impart knowledge with the capacity to teach. You, our customer, can expect peace of mind where problems will be solved the 1st time.


We listen with an approach to put your needs first.  We work to understand your goals, and leverage social technology to help you reach your goals economically. We want to understand what you want to do, and we help you do it.  

Our solutions are designed to reduce your expenses, eliminate frustration while increasing productivity.  

We empower you with new skills, giving you more control within the social media environment.
You will leave the session knowing that all of your needs were met in a manner that exceeded your expectations.
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Productivity Improvement Process (PIP)

We use the Productivity Improvement Process. Hover over each image below for details.

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Barry Hammond
Founder and Principal

Barry Hammond has worked in the IT business for more than 25 years in roles ranging from sales, Business Analysis, consulting, Research Information Systems, and IT Asset Management, in environments varying from storefronts, start-ups, consulting firms, and a Fortune 100 company.  Once graduating from University of Colorado at Denver (UCD) with a MPA he moved to St. Louis at the right time to participate in the PC boom. In those years everything seemed possible. The optimism from those times has stuck!

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