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Who Is Barry Hammond?

Barry Hammond's Bio

Barry Hammond
Founder and Principal - Cirruis Solutionz

Barry Hammond has worked in the IT business for more than 25 years in roles ranging from sales, Business Analysis, consulting, Research Information Systems, and IT Asset Management, in environments varying from storefronts, start-ups, consulting firms, and a Fortune 100 company.  Once graduating from University of Colorado at Denver (UCD) with a MPA he moved to St. Louis at the right time to participate in the PC boom. In those years everything seemed possible. The optimism from those times has stuck!

"I believe we can accomplish whatever needs to be done as an individual or community, but sometimes the individual, especially starting a small business or even in a small business, requires some coaching to point them in the right direction to get things done."

- Barry Hammond

He has noticed that this was often the case with the businesses too small to support a dedicated media department, who then calls him in as a consultant to solve their ad hoc social media problems. 

Barry sees regular folk thwarted in their goals by lack of technology know-how. This is especially true without access where his desire to help these groups led to training modules in either a volunteer capacity or by working one-on-one with people to solve their problems, then seeing their faces light up when the “light bulb” goes off and they suddenly understand.

Barry has great optimism for the future. "To me, the information age is like being back in the 1960's again with so much opportunity. But opportunity is restricted to those who have knowledge and resources. By putting the pieces together (explaining Twitter, for example), you begin start leveling the technology field of play."

As a speaker on social media and on-line marketing, Barry uses plain English to explain social media marketing, networking and online relationship building. His speaking style is open and honest, humorous and information rich. Barry can customize each presentation to the audience and their needs and can speak on a variety of topics.

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