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Tony Holt

Sports Fusion - Business Development | John Maxwell Speaker & Coach -- Greater St. Louis Area

"I have had the privilege to hear Barry speak a number of times at Toastmasters and other workshops and events. Barry is smart, funny, and very knowledgeably about his content. He is a joy to listen to. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to hear him speak on LinkedIn in particular. He will help anyone take their profile from average to outstanding."

Nicole J Meyer

Business Development Manager -- Greater St. Louis Area

"Barry took the time to assess my career accomplishments and skill set by interviewing me on my background and successes in sales. He understands that sales is a broad title with various meanings by company and industry. He was able to assist me in defining my unique characteristics and value proposition that I bring to multiple industries. I appreciated the time he took to review my linkedin profile and provide applicable recommendations."

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Kim Coburn

Connecting You to Career Success | Career Strategies | Performance Management | Team Development |Conflict Resolution -- Greater Boston Area

I have found Barry Hammond to be a great resource for increasing the effectiveness of my LinkedIn presence. I have appreciated his ability to clearly articulate the ROI of his suggestions, maintain the perspective of my customers and navigate the process with incredible “Savoir Faire”! 

Mike Elfrank

Emotional Wisdom Consultant | Psychology Based Mentor | Host of FOCUS Seminars STL | Professional Speaker -- Greater St. Louis Area

"Barry was instrumental in the development of my business branding. After several attempts to create a name and logo for my business, I sat down with Barry for a one-on-one and found myself answering several "What" questions that led to his observation about what my business should be called. Interestingly enough, the URL was available and Focal Quest was born. We spent two hours together to create what I had worked on with three other individuals, and ended up with a name for my business that I'm proud to display."

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