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Is Your Linkedin Profile A Turkey?


Here it is the day after Thanksgiving with all the after-effects from the eatery day. We are all in a low key mode not wanting to do much but hang out and talk and eat (again). What a relaxing time just to have family together.


Yes, a time to catch up. Reminds me of most Linkedin profiles where they are just there hanging around not doing much at all. Just being lackadaisical. The profile may seem to be full of detail similar to being stuffed with turkey. Yet, in truth, it is like whipped cream with no real substance.


Over and over I’ve heard “I have a Linkedin profile but it doesn’t do anything for me”. Is it full of fluff and not substance? Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to add some turkey to your profile!


To add meat, start with keywords. The easiest way is to search for positions similar to yours and critically read their profiles picking out the phrases/words that fit your work style – your skill set. Search for your position type as well on a search engine to add to the list. Look at keyword generators to add additional substance.

Once the keyword task has been completed, determine the where and how to incorporate them into the profile. The high level sections are (1) Headline (2) Summary (3) Work History.


The Headline should NOT be a repetition of your position, but instead a set of keywords of your WHAT, not your who. Think through your job activities and list them out. Optimize them with key words. There are 120 characters within the Headline, so use them wisely and completely.


The Summary, many times, is a cacophony of jobs and experiences. Don’t be a typical chronological player. Group the experiences and actions together again utilizing keywords. The summary visualizes your strengths and skills as sets and not along a timeline or top to bottom.


The Employment section is a chronological detail of your work history. Detail strengths and skills for each position relating back to the Summary including key phrases as well. Use your resume as a starting point. Remember your profile acts as a subset of your resume.


Take this as a recipe to cook up your Linkedin profile to have it as good as your Thanksgiving turkey!

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