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Social Media Management Services

Cirrus Solutinz knows that not only do business owners want help learning how to use social media tools but in many cases business owners want help managing their ongoing social media strategy.


We recognize that there are only so many hours in the day and those hours are often best spent sitting down with clients. With this in mind, we offer a social media management service to help you participate in social media without getting distracted from your bottom-line business building activities.

What is your reason for joining the social media revolution?

Our solutions are designed to reduce your expenses, eliminate frustration while increasing productivity.  


Whether you are just beginning a business or have been working as a solopreneur, we provide services and/or products that will meet your requirements.  To begin, look at what your needs are right now, then view the services we provide.  

Prior to beginning on the pathway of social media, a small business must question themselves about how to integrate social media within the day-to-day operations of your business. This is by no means a definitive guide.  The responses will form a starting point for discussions around how social media solutions can be tailored around your business needs. 

If your only reason is to either "make more money" or "because everyone else is doing it", then unfortunately that is not enough to be successful. In order to be able to embrace social media you have to believe in the true value of social media. 

This revelation won't come overnight for many and is not prohibitive of you getting started, but you at least need to go into it with an open mind of what the potential may be. To get you started on becoming a true believer, watch this Social-economics video.

This video is updated regularly to keep in pace with the changing landscape of social media. For those new to social media, be warned - it will blow your mind!

What are your competitors doing within the social media space?

If you don't know, then it's time to start finding out. This will serve many purposes, but most importantly you can learn from their mistakes and hit the ground running with a more refined presence than those that have been doing it for a while. 

What are your customers doing within the social media space?

This is something that you will need to know prior to setting up any social media profiles for your business. Once you can identify where they gather (both on and off-line), then you can build a presence in those places. It is no use investing all your time on Facebook if the majority of your customers prefer to use Twitter. This information will form a key part of your strategy.

How do I wish to portray my brand?

There are many aspects to this, but the most important thing is consistency. 


  • Company information – Each social media platform will require you to put in some basic company information, although the headings will vary slightly between platforms. To save yourself time, get this information in order early. The easiest way to see what type of information is required is to visit a few social media pages and see what the headings are on the company information pages. 

  • Language – What is the language of your brand? Will your approach be formal, fun or relaxed?  Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your brand.

  • Logo – Do I have portrait, landscape and square versions of my logo? Are they in different pixel sizes? Do I have them in an editable format so they can be optimized to meet with the size requirements of the various social media platforms I will be using? 

  • URL preferences – What name do you want your company to be referred to on-line? Ideally this should be consistent across all social media profiles. Your website name is usually a good start, but in some cases that may not be available, so you will have to consider alternatives. 

Where am I going to get my content from? 

Social media is about building communities and one of the best ways to do so is by creating unique and compelling 'shareable' content that meets with the needs of your community. So who is going to do that? 

Who will be my social media champions?

You need to identify champions both within your business and within your community to assist you in developing your on-line communities. This must start from within and can be achieved by identifying and supporting your internal champions, empowering them to experiment with new tools and techniques to see what will work best for your business. 

What level of investment am I prepared to put into this?

The majority of the social media tools that you will use in your business cost nothing but your time (which should never be under-valued). 


  • What resources do you have available to develop, implement and monitor your social media strategy in line with your business objectives? 

  • Do you have a person (or better still people) with the appropriate skills, expertise and interest for you to be successful? If not, can this be addressed through training and/or mentoring? 

  • Do you need to contract in a expert to get you started in the right direction? 

  • How much time and money are you prepared to invest in social media? 

  • In answering this question, get some advice on how much time is actually involved for a skilled versus an unskilled person. How much will it cost to train someone up from within your business?

  • How much money will it cost to outsource aspects of your social media? Now put a dollar amount on all of these options and then determine how your time and money should be best spent. 

How to measure my success? 

This returns us to the first question on this list. You need to know what you want to achieve from social media so that you are able to measure whether or not you have been successful. This means setting SMART goals as you would with all aspects of your business plan, of which your social media strategy once developed should form an integral part. 

There are many methods and tools available for measuring various aspects of your social media presence. However, you need to know what you want to get out of social media first so that you measure the right things. If you are new to social media, it is likely that you will need some assistance in this area to get this right from the start and ensure your approach reflects your intended outcomes. 

Social Media Strategy Services

We take the concepts, styles, and obligations of social media and hone them to meet your specific business market.  My name is Barry Hammond and I am a coach, strategist, speaker, and brand advocate who can assist you in developing your on-line presence.

We have the social media capabilities and acumen, Business Analysis utilization, and Teaching capabilities to bring your business onto a level social media playing field with any other business.


So when you feel so overwhelmed where you can break a pencil, throw a laptop, or just plain bang your fists due to the frustration of not knowing what to do next, look no further as we strive to get your "Business head into the clouds."

Social Media Coaching
  • Do you think "my business should be using social media", but you don't know how?

  • Have you been given the responsibility of social media, but are unsure what to do?

  • Is your business struggling to use social media and failing to get results from your efforts?

  • Do you want to bring your team (or your boss) up to speed on social media?

  • Do you wish you had access to someone who could regularly keep you up-to-speed with the latest social media changes?

If so, then you and/or your team would benefit from social media coaching from Cirrus Solutinz. 

We are passionate about social media and making it to work for your businesses. Yes you can set up a Facebook Business Page or a Twitter account, but using it effectively to produce results is a whole different story. The world of social media is ever changing.      

Cirrus Solutinz has a continuous education philosophy and always stays abreast of latest developments, trends and tools available for small businesses.  Social media coaching is for businesses who want to grow with the aid of social media. Social media coaching can help you to:

  • Define your social media strategy and define your brand

  • Set and achieve goals for social media and for your market(s)

  • Work out the best social media platform(s) to use

  • Decide where to best spend your time

  • Find out what is and isn't working by deriving analytics

  • Understand how and where improvements can be made

  • Increase your ROI (Return on Influence) through social media

  • Set up measurements that relate to your business

  • Build relationships with customers by converting relationships to referral partners to customers

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